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Science should never, ever be boring.

Science is weird. And beautiful. And exciting. So why should your science magazine be any other way? While facts and figures have their place, Nautilus lets science spill out of the lab, revealing its endless connections to our lives through award-winning stories, art, and culture. Each issue invites science into timely topics, exploring our world from unique and often provocative angles. Medicine and health, of course—but also politics, art, food, work, technology, and sports. This is science journalism reimagined.

Why Nautilus?

Be the First to Glimpse Original Artwork From Today’s New Wave of Illustrators, Painters, and Photographers

Science and art are both essential for helping us understand the world in which we live. That’s why each issue of Nautilus features spellbinding visuals to bring learning to life. 

Immerse Yourself In a Unique Blend of Bonus Media Curated to Expand Your Understanding

Nautilus Channels are independent mini-sites that give you bonus articles, interviews, video diving deep into special topics, such as Aging, Women in Science & Engineering, Earth, Cosmos, and more. 

Highly Awarded. Infinitely Rewarding.

With 52 awards (and counting) for Journalism, Science, Art, and Literature since 2013, Nautilus is trusted by scientists and scholars worldwide

“The Strange Brain of the World’s Greatest Solo Climber” by J.B. MacKinnon (Silver Award at the AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards)

“The Man Who Discovered the Sun’s Puzzling Heat Is Being Forgotten” by Virat Markandeya (American Astronomical Society Solar Physics Division Popular Writing Award) 

“The Curse That Shoes Can Break” (Next Generation of Science Journalists Award from the World Health Summit)

Dare to Explore Your World From Every Angle?

With 52 awards (and counting) for Journalism, Science, Art, and Literature since 2013, Nautilus is trusted by scientists and scholars worldwide

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You Have Questions. We Like That.

Nautilus stories are written by physicists, artists, psychologists, and biologists, to name a few, and we encourage each to write freely and without institutional governors.

Our readers experience completely unique content addressing the greatest scientific questions of our time. Our narratives go beyond facts and figures to bring science to life through art, food, music, architecture, and more. We make science accessible and applicable to our everyday lives.

Each month, we choose a single theme and examine it from multiple perspectives. A new chapter in the theme comes out every Thursday. Our blog Facts So Romantic publishes daily.

Readers can manage their subscription preferences through their personal account page, including upgrades, changes to contact information, and cancellations. Additionally, customer service can be reached at for help at any time.

Nautilus works in collaboration with leading research institutions and foundations focused on scientific exploration and discovery, including the Bertarelli Foundation, American Geosciences Institute, Poetry in America, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and the Science Philanthropy Alliance.

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