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From rethinking our relationship to space to contemplating the neuroscience of wine, we deliver deep, undiluted narratives from the world’s leading thinkers. Thinkers who bring science into the discussion on more than 30 trending topics in the worlds of culture, art, food, music, and more.

Each issue delves into a timely topic exploring it from unique and often provocative angles.

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Science and art are essential for helping us understand the world in which we live. That’s why each issue of Nautilus features spellbinding visuals to bring learning to life. 

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While facts and figures have their place, we simply can’t talk about life as we know it without talking about science more holistically. It’s everywhere, from the food we eat to the films we appreciate.

That’s why each issue of Nautilus challenges you to discover new, surprising perspectives on how science interacts with all aspects of life—medicine and health, of course—but also politics, art, food, work, technology, and sports.

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I’m so excited! I’ve loved Nautilus from the beginning. I’m so excited that you’re growing, while still bringing me the things that sparked my love for your work in the first place. I’m particularly stoked to hear more about the community. Can’t wait!

-Kat D.

I am an avid fan of the magazine, keep up the wonderful content! 

-Gabriella S.

Highly recommended reading about the state of the US economy. 

-Roger D.

Economist Adam Tooze’s “analysis here is spot on. He highlights not only the current dysfunction in our system, but he also provides something of a way out at least as far as dealing with our social safety net.” 

-Williams N. 

Weird feeling reading this great piece … We are just going in big circles merrily ignoring reality. 

-Matyas L. 

I never liked when people used to say, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX … Nautilus has given a new perspective. 

-Ajita A. 

Food for thought from Nautilus: ‘The pandemic has slipped a piece of knowledge into the body public that may not be easy to repress. It’s an insight scientists and poets have voiced for centuries. We’re not apart from nature, we are nature.’ 

-Flint B. 

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Nautilus stories are written by physicists, artists, psychologists, and biologists, to name a few, and we encourage each to write freely and without institutional governors.

Our readers experience completely unique content addressing the greatest scientific questions of our time. Our narratives go beyond facts and figures to bring science to life through art, food, music, architecture, and more. We make science accessible and applicable to our everyday lives.

Each month, we choose a single theme and examine it from multiple perspectives. A new chapter in the theme comes out every Thursday. Our blog Facts So Romantic publishes daily. 

Readers can manage their subscription preferences through their personal account page, including upgrades, changes to contact information, and cancellations. Additionally, customer service can be reached at customerserivce@Nautil.us for help at any time.

Nautilus works in collaboration with leading research institutions and foundations focused on scientific exploration and discovery, including the Bertarelli Foundation, American Geosciences Institute, Poetry in America, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and the Science Philanthropy Alliance.

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The Story Of Nautilus

Nautilus believes the methodology of science remains one of the great advances of humankind — and that its stories, properly told, are epic poems in progress, and deserve to stand alongside the great stories of history.

We were founded in 2013 by John Steele as a non-profit and published with institutional philanthropic financial support from the John Templeton Foundation and several other science institutions and philanthropies.

In 2019, Nautilus was acquired by an ownership group of super-fans dedicated to continuing the mission of expanding scientific inquiry and its connection to the human spirit. 

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